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Introducing your Probate team

Joe Mody - Team Leader

Rudy Hsieh - Chinese Speaking Agent

Marcell Applegren - Spanish Speaking Agent

Joe Mody Probate Certification Seal



By definition probate is the legal process for transfer of assets - (Houses, cars, stock bonds, etc.)  As your certified probate professional here at Great Las Vegas Homes, I am here to help you through with what could be a very difficult process.  I am a certified Real Estate Probate specialist.  Please make sure you look for this seal when dealing with such an important subject.

Probate Services:

We help you with your Real Estate needs during the Probate Process.  We will help you evaluate the Real Estate and your needs during this stressful time.  Here are some of the services we offer:

  • FREE - PCMA - Probate Comparable Market Analysis (value at time of death)
  • FREE - CMA - Comparable Market Analysis (current market value)
  • FREE - RCMA - Rental Comparable Market Analysis (current rental value)

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Probate Vocabulary:

Personal Representative - This term describes an executor or administrator.

Administrator - A person or institution by a court to act of behalf of the deceased person.

Executor - The individual or corporation appointed in a will by a testator to take care of the testator’s property after his death. Also called a personal representative.

Testate - Refers to someone who dies leaving a will.

Interstate - Refers to someone who dies leaving no will.

Will - A document, prepared and executed by a person with the formality required by the laws of the state of his domicile at the time, which is intended to govern and direct the disposition of his estate and settlement of his legal affairs at the time of his death and which has no legal effect until death. If the document us entirely in the person’s own handwriting, it is called a “holographic will”. If a will is typed, it is called a “witnessed will” because the signing of it generally requires two or more witnesses to testify later, if necessary, that the execution was not procured by fraud, duress, or misrepresentation.

Trust - A legal entity established either during a trustor’s lifetime (inter videos) at his death (testamentary). The trust is governed by the terms set forth in the trust documents. A trust must have a trustee, Beneficiary, and a “corpus” or property subjected to the trust.

Trustee - The individual or corporation who in a trust has bare legal title to the assets and has the power given in the trust to carry out the wishes of the person or persons (trustor or trustors) who created the trust.  The Trustee is subject to strict regulation. Although he has legal title for the convenience, the beneficial or equitable title is in fact owned by the beneficiaries. When there is more than one trustee, the trustees are called co-trustees.


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